Thursday, February 28, 2019

Anandi Gopal - Movie Screening


On 24th February 2019 Marathi Mitra Mandal Germany showcased the superhit Marathi movie " Anandi- Gopal"

Anandi Gopal - Youtube trailer 

This time we chose a new venue in the centre of Cologne - Turistarama 

The theatre was a cosy one and well connected by public transport.

We had an overwhelming housefull attendance!

The movie has a gripping story of India's first lady doctor - Anandi Goplarao Joshi. 
Good acting accompanied by melodious music made it a great watch. 

MMM announced the next event of Food Mela (13th April 2019 in Dusseldorf ) .

Looking forward to you all to be a part of this culinary tradition !

Friday, February 22, 2019

Formation of the e.V


Marathi Mandal activities and events have been organised in the Rheinland region by enthusiasts and volunteers for several years (>20!), but in 2014, a significant step was taken to raise the bar.

Marathi Mitra Mandal Deutschland e. V. was founded, and celebrates 5 years since its foundation this year!

The 'eingetragener Verein' or Registered Association is the formation of a legally recognized entity in Germany, with certain pre-conditions to be met. You can read more details of this in the links attached.

While on hand it creates a set of obligations to the German state that are mandatory to be fulfilled per year, it gives us a platform for recognition when we have dealings with other professional or government bodies (Such as potential sponsor companies, the Indian Consulates etc.)

Simply on the personal side, it creates an obligation towards the members to organize relevant and interesting events, since of course in the end, the e.V. is still is group of volunteers.

Wikipedia - Registered_association (e. V.)

Deutsches Ehrenamt - Infos zu eingetragener Verein (Deutsch)

So become members, participate in and enjoy our events, and most importantly - give us your feedback!

For more information of questions please feel free to write to

2018 Program Summary


MMM Germany now has a long and succesful history of staging cultural programs through the year.
Below is a 'jhalak' of the programs that we did in 2018, all to excellent response.

This list will be further enhanced with media in the following days!

Month Program Location
January Sankranti Haldi Kunku Düsseldorf
April Food Mela
  Marathi food stalls set up by members
July Grill Picnic Düsseldorf
September Varshik Sammelan: (Annual Gathering)
  'Fite Andharache Jale' by Shridhar Phadke
  Dhol-Tashe-Miravnuk for Ganeshotsav
November Diwali
  Exclusive performances from next generation
December Mandal AGM Düsseldorf

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sankranti Haldi Kunku - January 2019

Namaskar Mandali,

As a growing tradition since the past few years, we kick started 2019 with Sankranti Haldi-Kunku event held in January in Dusseldorf. This event marked an excellent start to the events calendar of 2019, with around 60 ladies from the Indian community in attendance. A few glimpses from the event here.